Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (ulnar neuropathy)

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Also called ulnar nerve compression syndrome, this condition is caused by compression (pinching) of the ulnar nerve as it passes through the cubital tunnel in the arm (elbow). This will produce numbness in the ring and little finger.

In severe cases, weakness of the hand muscles and the wrist flexor on the side of the arm may be present.

Numbness commonly occurs at night and is related to the position of the arm.

  • Sleeping with the elbow flexed will raise the pressure in the cubital tunnel three times more than normal, and sleeping with the hands behind the head will raise the pressure seven times more than normal.
  • Straightening out the arm will relieve the numbness, and sleeping with the arm out straight helps avoid hand numbness at night.


If you'd like to discuss this condition with one of our doctors, we would be more than happy to contact you.  You don't need a primary care physician referral for us to see you. 


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