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Dr. Nardone skillfully alleviated years of back pain. He, and his staff, were excellent communicators and as a result, I felt fully informed by my decision to have surgery. A quality of life, ‘game changing’ decision. Thank you once again Dr. Nardone.
— Keith K - 1/17/2019

Dr. Stroink saved my life! She actually took the time to listen to me and hear about the symptoms I was having. She took my symptoms seriously despite the fact that the tests appeared normal. Fortunately, she jumped to action and performed surgery ASAP. I’m 5 weeks out post op and I feel great! I haven’t felt this good in 4 months. I have more energy now and can actually play with my 9 year old son again! Thank you for saving my life!!
— Jill W.

About two years ago, I was suffering with severe chronic neck and shoulder pain. I often had total numbness of my entire left arm.

After roughly four months of “trying this or that” to relieve the symptoms, I contacted Dr. Seibly to see if he could help. After one consultation and an MRI, my surgery was indicated and scheduled. I underwent surgery a few weeks later.

I’ve been absolutely amazed at the results. My shoulder and neck pain were completely gone...and have been for over two years now. I can’t say enough good about the results, especially considering the amount of pain that I was in before. I would recommend Dr. Seibly’s services to anyone and everyone with similar symptoms to my own. The difference in my quality of life is amazing.
— Sid K.

Dr. Seibly did my back surgery in August of 2015 to remove arthritis. ..could feel the difference when stepped off of hospital bed!! Would certainly go back to him in future!
— Joan E.

Dr. Seibly sure helped me with my back surgery!! He was awesome!
— Bayia B.

Dr Jason Seibly saved my daughter Melissa with a decompression surgery almost 10 years ago for a Chiari Malformation, actually things were so crazy at one point she as a 20 yr old spoke up and told the team she only wanted to talk to Dr Seibly, he has great listening skills..since then he has done 2 lumbar region surgeries for my husband Bryan and a brain surgery procedure for my brother in law, we can not say enough great things about him!
— Lucy C.

Dr. Stroink has helped me a few times and I’m pain free. She is such a fantastic doctor and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless.
— Debra L.

Dr. Jason Seibly performed and his resident Dr. Dickenson assisted in a 3 hour surgery on our mom after a cerebellar brain bleed in April. She also needed a ventricular drain. Then, Dr. Nardoni and Dr. Puddy also did follow ups on mom throughout her stay. Just saw them on Monday and they have been great at explaining things and answering all of our questions. Thank you for saving mom’s life. It was a very very close call!
— Lyn P.

Dr. Ann Stroink has performed one surgery on me (spine), six surgeries on my wife (three spine and three brain), two surgeries on my youngest son (back) and one surgery on my oldest son (back). She’s the best!
— Ed B.

Dr. Nardone did a wonderful job with spinal surgery on my husband Greg. The surgery cured some serious issues. Greg was up and walking the next day. We couldn’t have been happier with the surgery and the results!
— Carol K.

My husband has had 2 back surgeries performed by Dr. Nardone. He is doing better.
— Mary Ann R.

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